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He is described by John Allan Cameron as “the best kept secret in Celtic Music.” But the secret is evolving and satisfying more and more audiences, leaving them both energized and in awe of his talent.

Dwayne Cote began playing Cape Breton fiddle music at the tender age of four. In his early adolescence was playing before international dignitaries like the Pope when he visited Halifax in 1985.
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His early training was at the knee of both his mother and father, who are renowned entertainers in their own right. Later, he would pursue and enhance his music skills at The Royal Conservatories in Halifax and Toronto and associating with the finest Cape Breton Fiddlers of the time. Now Dwayne plays everything from the traditional irish jigs to the finest classical compositions for audiences both locally and abroad.

Welcome you to Dwayne’s web site. Please enjoy it and contribute to it in any way you like and we hope it will keep you up to date on a truly magnificent musical talent.
Dwayne Cote Copyright 2006
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